Trip to Morocco with Júlia Muniz and Camila Ganon

Júlia Muniz

Júlia Muniz is a 19 years old model originally from Brazil and represented by Wilhelmina LA/NY and Ragazzo model MGMT. She is also a professional free surfer, featured on a tv show on an action sports channel in Brazil(@CANALOFF). On Instagram, Julia has impressive metrics: an average of 10.000 likes per post, 20.000 views per story and 2.800.000 impressions on her profile. Julia has also started her own youtube channel where she will post her travels, workouts, lifestyle and on her first vlog she got around 12.000 views in 6 days. //

Camila Ganon

Camila Ganon is a 21 years old brazilian model represented by the agency Mega Models. She is always interested in a healthy lifestyle, fashion and traveling. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she loves to travel in the search for perfect waves and adventures. With her Instagram, she has a super engaged influence and also has a Blog where she shares travel tips, looks, vegan recipes and beauty tips. Some of her last travels: New York, California, Mexico, Indonesia, Hawaii.

Mendo Dornellas

Mendo Dornellas is a 23 years old photographer / videographer from Portugal. His passion for surfing and photography pushed him to start exploring remote countries in order to surf perfect waves and to capture the authentic local lifestyle.
His work started to get more visibility when he started to work as the official photographer for Brandy Melville Portugal, Spain and Italy. Nowadays specialized in lifestyle photography he works with many brands that are looking for his style that involves mainly the light and the atmosphere with his subjects. He learned and got inspired by is tutor, Yves Callewaert a worldwide recognized photographer who won multiple international prizes and classified among the 200 best advertising photographers.